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"Theater Holds a Mirror to Life"

Registration starts in October...

Our dreams show our heart strength. To understand the strength of a person's heart, it is necessary to look not only at what they do but also at what they want to do. “Dreams are the mirror of who we are” Making Dreams… The main thing is the story… The basis of life and everything we experience are parts of a whole story. Our aim is for our participants to become aware of their own stories and to be able to properly share other stories.

Our participants will not only receive theater training.   They will travel through life, people and the inner world of people.

 Another aspect of ours is to help individuals who want to prepare for the conservatory.

At the same time, in our workshop, which we have implemented to realize the stage dreams of adults who cannot find time due to their busy work and private lives, we have introduced theater, which is a way of "Explaining People to People with People", as a part of our lives, under the leadership of the master names of Turkish Theater, Ahmet Yenilmez and Şahin Ergüney.  part is to make.

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  • Movement - Breathing

  • Diction

  • Improvisation-Mimicry-Character Analysis

  • Stage Studies and Role

  • Acting in Front of the Camera



  • Meet and what awaits us?

  • Body warming and stretching exercises along with basic information about theater art.

  • Gaining mastery over the stage through improvisation exercises.

  • Developing imagination through story-making activities.

  • Exercises on using the voice correctly with correct breathing.

  • How to use diaphragm? Diction exercises.

  • Accurate, effective speaking techniques with articulation and phonetics studies.

  • Correct intonation and emphasis exercises.

  • Theater text reading, interpretation, character analysis and character creation and play staging studies.


  • Creative Drama Game Workshop          

  • To train future artist candidates with our expert trainers in interesting content for 6-10 and 10-14 age groups. Our participants will be able to improve their skills in each program, and at the same time, they will have a pleasant time and have the opportunity to improve themselves in subjects such as teamwork, creativity, harmony and expression skills...

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