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Poem Written for Freedom



While the state, which emerged from the storm with great damage, is trying to take its place on the world stage by preserving its main elements, Akif is involved in a new structure again. The Ankara government, which has risen independently of the Istanbul administration and gained its power from the exhausted people, also includes Mehmet Akif, whose previous outstanding achievements are obvious. The struggle, which has turned into a life-and-death war, shows the world states that the Anatolian people will not bow down. Akif, one of the leading actors of the Anatolian resistance, which will be shown as an example to all nations that rebel against oppression in the future, once again uses his pen, his greatest weapon, to keep the people's hope alive and to ensure that the people take an active role in liberation. The National Anthem, which is the manifesto of the newly established state, emerges. The metaphor "Every revolution eats its own children first" appears in Akif.

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