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See Brother

15 July Documentary


See brother! Whether you are a scholar or an ignorant person, whether you are very rich or in need of a piece of bread... Whether you are a right-winger, a left-winger, an atheist or a religious person, whatever your religion is. It didn't matter what you were to Istanbul for centuries. He always embraced you. With all your shortcomings and all your excesses... It didn't matter. You should see it too. They and hundreds of others went without batting an eyelid for what they believed in. As a nation that is so proud of its past, that they went to war without even blinking, you cannot ignore this. You must understand. You must understand without excuses, without preconditions. No matter what you believe in, no matter what view you defend... These people no longer exist. So that you can sit comfortably. So that you can continue to be “you”.

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