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Stop Passenger

TV series


Major Halit (Hazım Körmükçü) returned to the town near Bursa on leave to be with his wife, who was sick with the disease, in her last days. While the Ottoman Empire was rushing from front to front, it could not find the opportunity to deal with the enemies at home who took advantage of this. Halit faces this truth when he arrives in town. The bandits have literally taken the town hostage. Halit works to maintain order in the town and to heal his wife. But he cannot save his wife. Halit, who has no one to entrust his daughter to in the town, takes her with him and hits the road. He thinks about leaving his daughter to his friend Ziya in Bandırma. However, Ziya died. Desperate, Halit goes to the front with his daughter. Nezaket begins to experience the hell of Çanakkale at a young age. Meanwhile, the snipers that appear do not let the enemy know. Terrible struggles take place between Turkish sniper Ayşe and Australia's best kangaroo hunter Sing.

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